Altamura bruschetta with mortadella cream and grilled peppers

We all needed a good emotion and to feel once again united and carefree even for just a few hours and, thanks to our Azzurri, this happened.
After the game, hearing the boys celebrating in the streets really made me happy and therefore, to give my small contribution to this national joy, here is a very simple recipe with our colors of the heart and some typical products that represent the Italy even beyond the border …

Raise your hand if you don’t like bruschetta …
Greedy and never tiring, since they can be seasoned with an infinite number of ingredients, the bruschetta have an all-Italian signature and today I prepared this version using the very practical and tasty Altamura bruschetta from the PanBiscò Company, the only and original, ready-made and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and oregano.

Very easy preparation

For 4 Altamura bruschetta:
– 100 gr of mortadella (in a single thick slice)
– 100 gr of robiola or soft spreadable cheese
– grilled peppers
– extra virgin olive oil.
– pepper

Dice the mortadella and chop it coarsely with the mixer then add the robiola and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, without adding salt and give a few more strokes of the mixer.
Mix and add a lightly ground pepper.
Spread the mortadella cream on the Altamura bruschetta and add the grilled peppers to taste.

Recipe by Lorena Terenghi of