Friselle with flax and sunflower seeds with dried tomatoes, spicy olives and tuna

Friselle… what a passion!
Did you know that friselle have ancient origins and that their donut shape is not accidental but was born for transport and storage needs?
The friselle, since they lasted for a long time thanks to the simple ingredients such as water, durum wheat flour, salt, yeast and cooked twice, were strung on a string then closed almost to form a necklace so that they were practical to hanging and consumed over time or transported by sailors who, when eating them, bathed them in sea water and then seasoned them with oil and “enriched” them with poor food at their disposal.

The friselle recipe has remained unchanged over time and I, today like yesterday, liked to enrich them with simple products typical of the south…

Very easy preparation

For 4 flax and sunflower seed friselle:
– 6 dried tomatoes in oil
– 6 or 7 pitted spicy green olives
– 60 gr of tuna in oil
– extra virgin olive oil.
– young rocket for garnish
the doses are indicative and variable according to your tastes.

With a mixer coarsely chop the dried tomatoes in oil and the olives, at the end add the drained tuna and give a couple of mixer strokes.

Pass the friselle under cold tap water, counting to three, then stuff them with the chopped cherry tomatoes, olives and tuna. Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and garnish with young rocket leaves.

Why did I write to count to three? Because it is the right time not to risk having too hard or soaked friselle that would become soft and break as soon as you pick it up.

Recipe by Lorena Terenghi of