BISCUITS – From the union between past and present was born a new and wide range of sweet and savory baked goods to cater to a demanding public of gourmets.
In addition, a line of dietetic products , designed for those who have special dietary needs or who follow a diet rich in fiber.
A modern thought for a simple recipe, perfect biscuits for a breakfast full of overwhelming flavor , ideal as a festive snack even in routine, unique for a different break.
The company Biscò also counts on an operational structure with excellent criteria of traditional manufacture and it is adept in the production of PDO bread , the bread of Altamura, obtained according to the ancient manufacturing technique which involves the use of durum wheat semolina, yeast, salt and water.
Unique and inimitable flavor result of typical craftsmanship, handed down from the ancient tradition, but also by the specific climatic and environmental conditions in which it is produced . And it is officially the first product in Europe to bear the PDO in the product category ” Bakery and baked goods .”
One of the most significant features of Altamura bread, along with the flavor and digestibility, it is the prolonged shelf life. It has a palatable brown crispy crust outside and a straw yellow honeycomb crumb inside.
Next to the Bread there are other baked goods that combine tradition and gluttony of palates as seasoned crostini and “tozzapane” , expertly seasoned bread sticks and golden in the oven and the Focacce produced in a wide range that differ for seasoning and processing .

To allow you to enjoy the tradition with ease, the company Biscò distributes its own products in all channels, either directly by the National and Export Department, that by the network of agents covering vast areas of the Italian territory. In order to satisfy local customers Biscò offers its products fresh and genuine in its shop located in Via Bari No. 173 in Altamura.
Always the brand Biscò on the shelf constitutes tradition and quality that meets the needs of consumers who choose a top quality product every day.